Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell Training in Glasgow

A kettlebell looks like a cannon ball with a handle on the top. They have been around for several years and in Russia they are extremely popular. Over the past few years, the word has been getting out on just how an effective for of training Kettlebells are and can even be fun once you get over the learning curve of using them.

Kettlebells come in a range of different weights and sizes although personally I tend to use competition Kettlebells which are the same size no matter what the weight is. Personally, I prefer this type as they are better balanced and my clients don`t need to get used to working with different sizes of Kettlebells when the weight changes.

WHY use Kettlebells?

What makes Kettlebells so good?

To start with the handle of a Kettlebell is off set from the weight which causes your body and muscles to work harder than they would if you used a dumbbell. Harder is better if you are interested in getting FAST results from your training.

Due to the nature of Kettlebell training you will end up being more TONED and AGILE with a Stronger Core and more endurance in a far shorter period than a traditional gym workout. Not to mention you will BURN FAT off in record time!

Who can benefit from using kettlebells?

Both men and women of all ages can benefit from training with kettlebells. Alot of people can be put off by the look of a Kettlebell as they can look a little intimidating at first. I have men and women that I train who have experienced first-hand the benefits that can be achieved from training with Kettlebells. So, don`t let the look of them put you off!

Kettlebells come in all different weights so even the first-time exerciser can use them. So, if you want to get lean and Fit FAST then why not give them a try!

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All foods can be eaten and you will still lose weight when you combine our Personal Training with our Eating for SUCCESS nutrition plan.

What you DON`T get!

  • No Fad Diets Nutritional profiling
  • No starvation Simple yet effective nutrition guide
  • No Denial of ANY Foods

What you DO get!

  • Nutritional profiling
  • No starvation Simple yet effective nutrition guide
  • No Denial of ANY Foods Full support and motivation

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Over 15yrs experience
Different qualifications
The Best Training

I provide high quality, results driven personal training sessions and also small group training. I also provide sports injury treatments and rehabilitation programs.

Highly Qualified

As well as being a qualified personal trainer I am also qualified in sports therapy, sports and Swedish massage, sports nutrition, corrective and rehabilitative exercise prescription are just some of the other qualifications I have.

Happy Clients

My training programs produce results and therefor I have hundreds of very happy clients that have often surpassed what they thought was possible to achieve.

most popular
Cardio Training Program
Are looking to improve your 10k or 5k time, or just wanting to get the benefits of regular cardiovascular training? I can help you, not only with effective training programs but also keep you motivated which is what allot of people struggle with.
Body Sculpturing Program
Many of us have areas that we would like to tighten and tone up, having an effective training and nutrition program is the key to success. Get in touch for more info on my services and how I can help you.
Weight Loss
My weight loss program is tailored to each clients individual needs and includes full dietary analysis as well as a customized nutrition and training program specifically designed to produce maximal results in the shortest space of time.
I can help you, do you want to Lose Weight! Tone Up! Improve Fitness! Reduce Belly Fat!
What My Clients
Martin Grace

I was recommended to PH Fitness (Paul) but was nervous about working with a personal trainer. Turned out to be the best thing I have done for years. He gives me the discipline I need and is very friendly and helpful.

Paula Henman

Paul has been a really marvelous personal trainer for me. With his understanding of physiology, he has been able to develop plans and strategies to help me recover from various running injuries. Paul also has a very keen interest in nutrition, not just the standard PT high protein low carbs knowledge. In using this Paul has also helped me overcome a couple of health issues by identifying where I could deficiencies and recommending a supplement. More recently, I had lost motivation to keep running and working out and a change in work schedule has meant I don’t have the same time to commit to going to the gym and running. Paul has taken this on board and helped me develop a program that will work with my time constraints.

Rachel Cons

I have been training with Paul for 8 months and can say that in this time I have seen a remarkable change in my fitness, body shape and weight. From the beginning Paul has encouraged me to eat correctly and has provided constant guidance. Initially I believed I could get away with training while eating as I used to however once I started following Paul’s advice I saw changes very quickly. Paul is an ex-army PTI who has also undertaken courses in nutrition etc so he know’s what he is talking about! With Paul’s help I now have a ‘clean diet’ and do believe you cannot out-train a bad diet. Each PT session is different – Paul likes to keep you on your toes. We often do a mix of cardio, weights, body resistance training and HIIT/ Tabatta. Paul pushes you hard and genuinely wants to see you fulfil your potential and achieve your fitness goals. I will definitely continue training with Paul in order to achieve my goals which I know I can achieve.

William Graham

Paul is a competent professional working with a range of clients – from low to very high fitness levels. He has an ability to pitch his training at a suitable level for the individual.